Contractor Walk & Talk Program

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Have you Ever Thought About a career in the construction industry?


did you know that a licensed trades professional Can earn $50 + an hour?


Did you know That young tradesmen are in high demand?


Are you determined to Pursuing your success in the building industry, but not sure where to get started?


we can help You. We've been there before!


The Trades for a Difference Contractor Walk & Talk program allows today's young adults (ages 16-26) to meet with real life success stories from within the construction and building industry. Mentees gain access to active TFAD community projects. There, they are exposed to in-process renovations and gain various hands-on skills. These experiences provide insights on specific trade concentrations of interest to our clients. Mentees are then paired with TFAD mentors who provide valuable support and help lay out the steps toward success within their respective trades. 


*stand out men-tees are given opportunity for paid internships and job placement.