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Amber's Magic Box

Amber’s Magical Savings Box Class is a powerful class based on the Amazon Best Selling Book Amber’s Magical Savings Box. This book teaches children under the age of 10 the importance of earning and saving money to empower them with the tools and principals they will need to reach their financial goals in the future. Amber’s Magical Savings Box is designed to be interactive in order to engage the reader by requiring each child to think about what they want to do when they get older to earn money and how they want to spend and save their hard-earned money.


In addition, children will learn:


  • How to read price tags
  • The importance of hard work and dedication
  • How to create financial goals How to handle setbacks with their financial goals
  • and much more!


Each class starts with author, Rachael Hanible, reading Amber’s Magical Savings Box book to the children while incorporating the interactive portion through questions and conversation. In collaboration with TFAD Learning Hub, the children will have the opportunity to display what they've learned from reading Amber's Magical Savings Box by participating in an arts and crafts project, making their own Magical Savings Box!

The children will be encouraged to think of one item or experience (trip, etc) they would like to purchase and then to create a financial plan of how they will earn and save the money to purchase their item. This interactive book and class will encourage and inspire children to create their own savings goals to buy all the magical things they desire!



Rachael is a two-time Author, Inspirational Speaker, Personal Finance Coach and Co-founder of a mentoring organization for teenage girls. She believes we should start to educate our children on the importance of money management at an early age. Lessons include saving, budgeting, and check writing to name a few

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